Message of the center manager

Proceeding from our belief that the university is the center of interaction with community. It gives consultancies and provide solutions for many problems especially in the fields of health, agriculture, and industry. The center of DNA emerged by a recommendation from the chancellor of the university and the assistant of the chancellor for scientific affairs with the blessings of the ministry of higher education.


Last News and Update

About the center

The center was established in 2013 according to the law number 12 issued in 201. The center is constituted from current and proposed units for the next five years. They are:

  • Genetic engineering
  • Nano technology
  • Textile agriculture
  • Bio-technology
  • Molecular biology
  • Criminal evidence

Vision of the center

To be pioneer in diagnostic and applied research ( in the field of DNA) in Iraq, and through the cooperation between universities, private sector, and governmental institutions. This cooperation will lead to the development and application of research programs. Students can participate in research and education

Mission of the center

Supporting progress in the field of research and education, the center will take care of the main issues that has an effect on society.

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