Message of the center manager

Proceeding from our belief that the university is the center of interaction with community. It gives consultancies and provide solutions for many problems especially in the fields of health, agriculture, and industry. The center of DNA emerged by a recommendation from the chancellor of the university and the assistant of the chancellor for scientific affairs with the blessings of the ministry of higher education.
The main purpose of the center is conducting researches that meet the international standards to fight inherited and cancerous diseases. The center also gives diagnostic services to government institutions beside doing agricultural researches in Iraq. The center also aims at treating important health problems on the genetic, protein, DNA, genetic engineering, bio chemistry, and enzymes levels. The center also provide scientific consultancies to after-graduate students. It also holds sessions to let the researchers communicate with each other, and provide them with needed scientific skills.
Programs and research plans of DNA center are comprehensive overview for treating health and agricultural problems on the national level. The center provide solutions to the problems by using genetics, enzymes, biochemistry, biology, and bio-technology. We are also keen to improve our technology for total production and analyses of data. These analyses will help us understand the biological system of inherited and cancerous diseases. The center is also keen on the local and international cooperation, academic cooperation, cooperation with specialists, and cooperation with researchers. The center encourages sustainable researches, changing the academic routines of the country in order to improve the academic success and economic progress. The center always cooperate with the medical, and agricultural centers locally and individually in the field of biology. The center also seeks to be a consultancy firm in Iraq in the field of DNA.

Professor Mohammad ABD Allah Jebur

Manager of the center