Duties of the center

  • Provide diagnostic services in the field of DNA for all the ministries of government including the ministry of higher education.
  • Conducting applied and theoretical researches in criminal evidence, DNA, molecular biology, and bio-chemistry.
  • Training students and giving them the needed skills that will help them work in the governmental institutions.
  • Provide suitable research environment to find solutions to the problems.
  • The center should be the source of information in the field of DNA
  • the center should be responsible about the communication with the community. This communication can be done through giving training sessions, social activities, and developing a strategic plan. Also forming research teams with different specializations in the fields of biology, chemistry, criminal evidence, bio-technology, genetic engineering, and environmental sciences to reinforce the cooperation between them.
  • Provide scientific consultancies, receive after-graduate students and provide them with updates of the fields above. The update is done through the website.

Activities of the center

Activities of the center The center has cooperated with the central forensic medicine institute of Baghdad in the determination of DNA for the middle Euphrates. Seven researches has been published with cooperation of the institute in foreign journals. The manager of the center has got acknowledgement from the minister of health and the chancellor of the university.